Telas Forum 2016 – São Paulo audiovisual content market

TELAS Forum is the leading event for the São Paulo audiovisual content market, bringing together producers, distributors, and free-to-air and pay TV channels.

In its 17th edition, TELAS Forum once again presents a debate on the most relevant issues relating to the audiovisual industry in an environment designed for networking and business deals in production for TV, film and the internet.

Highlights of the 2016 edition include:

Five years of Law 12,485: An assessment of the regulatory framework that revolutionized production for TV in Brazil.

The video-on-demand market: Opportunities for VOD distribution and an overview of the regulatory framework.

Trends in programming: What channels want.

The advent of virtual reality: VR’s impact on production of documentaries, fiction and advertising. The birth of a new language.